Sunday, July 05, 2009

Herb roasted chicken...

I made a roast chicken using some herbs from the old CSA. Butter+thyme+sage+tarragon=

Rub on chicken. Put a chopped lemon inside the cavity. Roast breast side down until temp is 165F internal and the skin is golden and crisp. Like so:

The whole chicken, shes about 4 lbs. I let her cool, then removed the meat and skin and pulled it apart into bite size pieces. Saved the bones for stock!

Now what to do with the herb roasted chicken? MAKE SALAD! It is summer time after all.
Summer Chicken Salad
english cucumber, sliced on the bias
celery, sliced
Aforementioned roast chicken
green onions
"dressing": lemon zest, lemon juice, LOTS of chopped dill, cream, salt.
Its really that easy. That dressing was awesome too! I LOVE dill!

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