Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Date and tamarind squares. Sweet corny milk :)

So this is definetly a 20% post. For those of you wh o have no oide what that means, it is basically "Ill do really well with my diet 80% of the time, and have some sweet snacks 20% of the time."

Date/tamarind/hazelnut/coconut squares
Add into a food processor:
about 15 dates
2 handfuls of hazelnuts
about 2 T tamarind paste (available at indian or latin markets)
I added a pinch of cardamom, but you could leave that out or do anther spice.

1. Blitz in food processor until pastey.
2. Sprinkle shredded, unsweetened coconut into a pie plate. Dump paste in there and flatten out to about 1 cm thickness. Sprinkle with more coconut.
3. Place in fridge overnight (or just until hardened).
4. Remove flattened and coconutted disk. Using a sharp chefs knife, slice into small squares (about 3/4 in square).
5. Use more coconut and toss the squares in the coconut, so it sticks to the cut sides.
6. Done! Store in fridge, lasts for a while.

Sweet corn and milk drink! It was so intriguing I HAD to try it! It was VERY VERY yummy. In fact, Im thinking there may be a 20% in this drinks future... we shall see.

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  1. Wow - these look great! I love tamarind and will definitely be trying these.