Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dayton Restaraunt Week. July 26-31, 2009. Meadowlark review.

Here is what I ate tonight for dinner (this was all $20.09 for restaraunt week):

1. Spicy Shrimp and Watermelon with Basil, Mint and Nuoc Cham.

2. Harissa-brushed Swordfish with Sicilian Couscous (couscous, kalamata, sultanas, onion, tomato, parsley).

3. Roasted Peach with Blue Cheese, Sweet Balsamic Syrup and Dolcessa Gelato (nixed the bleu cheese).

I was at the Meadowlark here in Dayton. Let me review for you. First course was good. Light and refreshing, though I feel the shrimp was not that good, but I always feel like that about shrimp. Seconds... the swordish was amazing! The couscous, was couscous. Well done, but not special. The fish was special though. Dessert was great. The peach was warm and I either got a balsamic reduction (probable) or a high quality balsamic. The flavor of it said to me that it was a reduction, and sweetened at that. The gelato tasted cream cheesy. I dont know what flavor it was supposed to be but it was def buttermilk or cream cheese or something of that nature.

I have never been to Meadowlark before, and I fear I did not experience the height of what the restaurant can offer. They were busy (on a one hour wait if you didnt call ahead... I did). The host who I spoke to on the phone and when I arrived was very kind and personable, probably the best part of the experience. I felt sort of rushed through the whole experience. I suppose for the onslaught of people they were experiencing, the restaurant fared very well. No overt mistakes were made, save one. They delivered my check to me before I had even received dessert. Way to P*** me off. Are you kidding me? I would consider this place somewhere in the upper band of Dayton dining, and you are acting like a Perkins or a Waffle House and not waiting until I am through with my meal? I mean really. THAT was why I felt rushed. You should let a diner FINISH their meal before you make them pay. Maybe the rules are different considering the time. I dont know. One piece of advice: wait until the end of the meal until bill is delivered please.

I might return to Meadowlark again. On a muchmuch slower night.

Where should I go next? Restaraunt week menus.

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