Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring, she do officially be here. Kitchen cure time.

Some pretty Spring pictures to get us started.
Dianthus, one of my fave flowers.
My tootsies in the hammock.
Flowery tree.
My "cake" for my bday (24th). Nilla wafer/pudding/banana trifle thing. YUM.
Now onto the Kitchen Cure! This is a 6 week kitchen clean up! I dont know if I reall need it but I might pick up some good tips. Week 1 Assignment: Clean out fridge and pantry. Well... I already did this a couple weeks ago. Look how on top of things I am!
"Before" fridge. Notice all the cool stuff in there.



After in the freezer.

Pantry... believe me, this looks great.

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