Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Primal recipe: anchovy ceviche

I had a bag o frozen anchovies from a while ago in the freezer that I decided to use up. I made a delicious and healthy ceviche from them. SO TASTY. Read on:
Meet the little guys. They are about 5-6 in long. Beat up from freezing.
Clean fish by removing any scales and fins. Okay here is how to gut them: Grasp body right behind gills with left hand (or non-dominant hand). Grasp head by gills with right hand. Pull head down and out. The guts and spine should come right out. Sometimes you have to pick it apart though. Pic if youre interested:
General idea after gutting: fillets in left, guts and head on right.
After gutting, rinse fillets one last time.
Anchovy ceviche
Anchovy fillets, cleaned and rinsed
lemon zest and lemon juice
sun dried tomatoes in EVOO, chopped
capers, smashed
Red chili flakes
1. Combine all and stir.
2. Place in fridge overnight.
3. Consume. YUM.
Just needs to chill overnight.
I ate this for two days, and it was tasty! Hope you all enjoy!


  1. Fresh anchovies are easly available here in Nice, so must try this:) and have fresh parsley in garden.

    Jedi (MDA)

  2. Yes! Let me know what you think. The idea is just lost of citrus and whatever else you like/have.