Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Primal Diary!

I have decided to track what I eat and log it in here. More accountability you know! The main reason I am not 100% primal is dairy! I love it too much. Now though, I will be limiting myself to two glasses of raw, Jersey milk a week, cream in tea/coffee/berries and yogurt. Its a start. Also, the "activities" section will ramp up after June 18. Im CRAZY busy until then.

I will update in this blog post only and change the date so it stays current. I have been primal since January, but people need examples so here they are:

Day 9: June 9 2009
B: egg whites, onion, mushroom, cheese. Tea w stevia and cream.
L: Sushi: salmon skin roll, smelt roe, tuna and salad and natto.
D: Tuna salad (tuna, sesame oil, soy sauce, wakame) with avocado. Natto. Pumpkin seeds spiced with fennel pollen and cinnamon. 4 oz wine.

Other: coffee
Activities: nada

Day 8: June 8 2009
B: 4 egg whites, onion tomato, avo. Tea
L: Sausages and strawberries and natto
D: poke
Other: coffee with cream and splenda

Day 7: June 7 2009
B: Egg whites, chorizo, bacon, coffee (First watch brunch).
L: Natto, strawberries and cream, BAS
S: carrots
D: Anchovy ceviche (YUM)

Days 5 and 6: Dont remember, but very in keping with PB!

Day 4: June 4 2009
B: Primal goulash with cheese. Tea with stevia and cream.
L: Stir fried beef with lots of veg and sesame garlic sauce.
D: TJs Ginger carrots, Spinach and garlic scapes from CSA, and asparagus with butter and fennel pollen. Probably gonna cap off today with a little wine too...

Other: Jersey milk (~10 oz), 1 cup coffee with 1t sugar and cream.

Activities: 20 min walk around campus.

Day 3: June 3 2009
B: 4 egg whites, shiitake mushrooms, onion, furikake, butter (weird I know). Tea with stevia and cream.
S: 1 oz raw cheddar cheese and 1 oz salami
L: BAS: lettuce, arugula, radish sprouts, buckwheat spouts, green onion, tomato. Dressing was evoo, lemon juice, S&P. Raw yogurt with a apricot/cherry/cardamom compote.
S: Natto
D: Primal goulash. Strawberry gelatain made with strawberries, cream and water.

Other: 2 cups coffee with stevia and cream.

Activities: none, sadly. Again.

Day 2: June 2 2009
B: Onion, cheese and branston pickle salad. Tea with stevia and cream.
S: 1 cup jersey milk
L: Strawberries from CSA
D: Primal "goulash": bison meat cooked in coco oil, yellow squash, leeks, red onion, garlic scrapes (from CSA), red wine, tomato paste, tomatoes with cheese. 1/2 glass red wine.

Activities: none, seriously.

Day 1: June 1 2009
B: 4 egg whites, mushrooms, onions, cheddar cheese, 1/4 avocado, cooked in organic butter. Tea with stevia and cream.
S: Carrots and PB, natto
L: BAS (big ass salad): arugula, mustard greens, summer squash, radish sprouts, feta, red onion. Dressing made with dijon, evoo and vinegar. 1/2 oz 70% chocolate
S: Tomato with basil and evoo
D: 6oz sirloin, mushrooms, broccoli and 2 rolls (I know I know... they felt so gross in my tummy after haven't had bread in a LONG time. Blech,) and a bite of apple pie.

Other: 2 cups of coffee throughout the day with stevia and cream.

Activities: Climbed 4 flight of stairs twice, 2 steps at a time. I dont have a chance to do much exercise having 11 hour library days at school...

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