Monday, June 09, 2008

Vietnamese coffee popsicles.

So its the last week of school and its been a blisteringly abrupt 90-something all week. This is OHIO, its not supposed to be like that until mid-July! We totally skipped straight from icky, wet 60-something weather to 90-something. Figures. Well, during this slightly hectic time I am in need of caffeine. But coffee is hot. Nooooo thanks.

I also become crazily obsessed with cool things... fruits that are in the fridge, ice cream, smoothies popsicles... you know. This is due to the 90 degree weather and me being a cheap ass and not wanting to turn on the AC. I have the solution! Cold coffee! Not like iced coffee that is about 32 degrees, but coffee that is frozen... colder that 32. This is when I vaguely remember a recipe I saw a few days ago in passing. Here it is: . After investigating for a few I can safely say that anyone interested in getting me foodie gifts can find a Vietnamese coffee maker. Thanks! Its super cute and Ill add it to the stove top espresso maker, the french press and the aeropress I already have. Now I need a chemex and life will be complete. That's only the stuff for coffee prep. Do not get me started on the tea stuff... though the french press is used quite a bit here too. Okay, back to the chilly delights of freezing coffee.

I don't have the cool, ice-stick things... just regular old popsicle molds. I don't think that my taste buds cared about the shape though, these things were awesome! Super simple and uber-tasty. They also wake me up for all this grading I now have to do as a TA. Here's a pic... as usual don't fault me for my mediocre camera!

<3 Tara

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  1. Oh they look and sound wonderful :) Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your blog is looking great.