Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Kumquat Marmalade.

So who doesn't love citrus of ANY kind? Not me! I crave anything fresh and juicy, with that tangy, tart, sweet feeling. Mmmmm. Grapefruit is my fave, kumquats are my second. Due to their limited availability they surpass grapefruit for about two weeks while I eat waaaay more kumquats than was ever intended! Sort of like the Pluto and Neptune for the 8th and 9th planets (I knooooow that analogy isnt technically applicable here, but I am sure Pluto feels lonely out there not being a planet anymore... like an outcast). Be nice to the little ex-planet people. Anyway, I made some quicky marmalade that will definitely satisfy my craving year round, and also adds to my arsenal of homemade Xmas goodies (homemade limocello is next)! The sweet, super-citrusy skin and the sour flesh... mmmmm.

I would also like to note that this was my FIRST ever canning adventure, and it was a little tedious b/c I dont have all the proper stuff, and my pot needs to be about 3 inches deeper, but I had success. Definitely next time, I will have acquired a better pot from the flea market and all will be well... look for that one later.

Here's how:

1. Basically take some kumquats, slice and de-seed (the tedious part) and throw about 75% of them into a blender and add a little water. Blend.

2. Slice the rest reallllly thin, and add all this to a pot with some water and sugar and a little sure gel or pectin.

3. Boil until thick, skimming the foam.

4. Put into cans, and commence the canning process of your choice.

Kumquats in the blender.

Boiling away.

Into the cans, chilling on the countertop.
Yummy on my scones... coming up!

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