Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Review: Tim Tam (Slam)!

If you have not discovered Tim Tams, GO OUT RIGHT NOW TO FIND THEM! They are only available at Target (tar-jay) so hit up your local Target and do yourself a favor. These are now my favorite cookie! Thank you, Australia!

Tim Tam Slam: Also known as the TIM TAM Suck or TIM TAM Bomb. Grab a Tim Tam and a warm drink (coffee, milo or tea). Nibble both ends off the biscuit and use it as a straw for your drink. When its saturated, quickly SLAM it in your gob before it falls apart. It can get kinda messy, but who cares when it tastes that GOOD! <--- True story.

Yours truly performing a Tim Tam Slam, but with milk... yeah I know I look like I have an extra chromosome. I cant help it.
Britny doing the same. Roffles.
Choc on left, caramel on right.

So I know I am on the Primal blueprint, but sometimes you just have to eat three cookies when you find out they are on limited release in the USA. I don't stray very often with my food, (though looking at my blog you would think I am heading straight down the diabetes highway) I usually get my carbs through fruit and milk (ah mi gawd I love milk), and maybe once every couple weeks I eat a cookie. Or a small slice of bday cake. Not too bad. Easy to keep going because I don't flip out about it. Now I just need to work out. Hmph. Back to the cookies...
The cookies are super yummy. I thought I would like the caramel ones better but the choc ones were simple and tasty. Plus when you're doing a Tim Tam Slam with something cold (i.e. milk) the caramel in the middle gets all hard. I should have learned my lesson with Hobnobs...
Tim Tam = Yum Num.


  1. You are making me hungry. I think I have to try some of those things out and yes I love to eat and not be ashamed of it.

  2. I was going to comment on your Daring Bakers post, but instead I got a craving for some Tim Tams! I'm in Canada and we can't get them very often... maybe once a year our local grocery store will get them in.

  3. Jezebel: I love to eat too... hence the blog! No worries :)

    Candice: Well, I lives my all my life before a month ago without tim tams. I dont know how! Lol. You could order some offline if you wanted?

  4. I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have those in my house! Too dangerous! I could probably eat the whole box!

  5. LOL Jen! I know they are SO addicting!