Monday, February 23, 2009

Rainbow Cake.

My Step-Sister/Roomie/BFFs Bday was last weekend. I wanted to do something awesome for the cake, because at this point my family just expects me to do all the baking and make it grand to boot. I guess I dug that hole myself. Oh well, I wouldn't have it any other way. So Britny is the kind of person that will eat frozen pizzas for every meal given the choice. Its hard to accept sometimes, me being a foodie and all. This is why I didn't feel bad using a boxed mix. Cue family reacting in horror as they discover I used a boxed cake mix (thanks guys). I got the idea from Omnomicon (Jan 7, 2009 post... for some reason my hyperlink isn't working right now. Grrrr). I followed the directions on the box though, no WW for me.

Rainbow cake
1 box Duncan Hines french vanilla cake mix, prepared

1. Prepare cake mix according to the the package. I divided the cake mix into 6 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet (ROYBV). No indigo here, sorry indigo. I used my scale to weigh the prepared batter, and decided I needed about 6.5 oz for each color so I would have an equal amount per color. Weighed out 6.5 oz into cups and set aside. Well, the last one had like 5 oz b/c I decided I needed to eat some batter. What?
2. Mix the colors according to how dark you want them in each cup. I used Wilton color pastes b/c you only have to use a little teeny bit to get a lot of color. ***Please ohmigod please make sure you get 'Wilton TASTE FREE red'. If not your cake may taste like... plastic. Do it. For me. We discovered this the hard way when making red rice krispy treats for valentine's.
3. Pour half the mix in one pan and half in the other in order (ROYGBV). Just pour in, tap the pan once to spread it and pour the next in the center. Repeat.
4. Bake according to the instructions.

4 oz butter, room temp
8 oz cream cheese, room temp
3 cups icing sugar, sifted
1 t vanilla

1. Cream butter and cream cheese.
2. Add sugar 1/2 cup at a time and blend.
3. Add vanilla.
4. If too thin add a little more sugar, if too thick add a little milk.
5. Cover and set aside, we want it to be room temp for spreading.

1. After the cake has cooled, cut off the domed tops and feed scraps to nearby children/pets/self.
2. Put first layer on cake plate, cut side up and spread with frosting. Place second cake layer on the frosted first layer, cut side down. You will have a "cake sammie" with the two cut sides in the middle. This is so the cake will be ice and flat once its frosted.
3. Apply crumb coat. It will be thin and transparent but its sole purpose is to trap [rainbow] crumbs so they don't litter your beautiful frosting like a Jackson Pollock painting. Refrigerate cake for 2-4 hours, until crumb coat is hard.
4. Frost the rest of the cake to your heart's desire. I left the frosting white because I though it was a nice contrast to the inside. But, you know... its your cake so do whatever you want!
5. Enjoy.


  1. Ha Ha, I can't type either 'Boomark'? Is that a scary bookmark? LOL

  2. Well you ARE in "muggle messages" so maybe the boomark is appropriate, hehe.

  3. youre so talented tara! thats amazing. love it <3 natasha

  4. oh yea this is book marked. my cake is in the oven now :-)

  5. So cool! I love how yours turned out :)

  6. This is so cool! I've been perusing the web looking for something special for my son's 7th. He is going to love this. What a simple idea for an AWESOME cake!

  7. Such a cool and creative cake... I love it! I never thought to do this. What is icing sugar? Is it something you buy or need to make?

  8. icing sugar = powdered sugar, thats is!

  9. Wow... good to know! Thanks