Friday, February 13, 2009

Craftiness in the kitchen.

Here's a really neat little idea for kitchen decorating. Use coat hangers to make book hangers! I am a big fan of using cheap stuff for decorations, especially since I am in college (almost done). I like nice/cute/eclectic things so this works for me. I decided to showcase some books that were neat in their ideas, art or general look. It doesn't matter if I use them b/c I will just pull them off the hangers. No biggie.

Finished wall o' books.

Side view. You can see my later versions in the foreground and my earlier tries in the background. Plus, I MIGHT have been a little distracted b/c I was watching V for Vendetta while bending the hangers.

Side view of a finished hanger.

Front view. I got plastic covered hangers from my local store.

Not perfect though...

A great book! I just got it and I love it! I have already made a recipe from it (to be posted later). I really boils down to eating REAL FOOD.

Oh, Jaime. Good recipes, with combos I would not have thought of.

Some more of my cookbooks in the kitchen. There are more still in the office. I have a lot of books...


  1. Oh!! It's nice stuff for kitchen decoration!!

  2. what a fabulous idea! I always feel bad putting a book on the shelf when it should be able to show it's fabulous self off. totally stealing this idea. :D

  3. Thanks! :)

    Im all about cheap-chic...

  4. hey, who got you that sexy blue ipod player? i bet he's pretty awesome!