Sunday, December 02, 2012

De-seeding a pomegranate the easy way.

     Need to de-seed a pomegranate but dont want to turn you kitchen in to a bloody murder scene while you rip the pomegranate apart and the red juice flies? Here's a nice way to quickly and efficiently get the seeds out! You dont need this, or this, or this. Just normal kitchen supplies people!

     When you are picking out pomegranates, you should look for a smooth surface with no puckering or dry spots, and it should be heavy. This means there is still a lot of water in there and you pomegranate will be delicious. 

     Please dont laugh at my cell phone video: 

     Cut the pom in half sideways (transverse for all you nerds out there). You want to loosely hold the pomegranate cut side down and BEAT the outside with the back of a wooden spoon. It takes a few whacks to get started, and then you just let the seeds fall into your palm and between your fingers into a large bowl waiting below. You will feel when it is empty. So 1 min for this half, and about 1 more min for the other half= 2-2.5 mins to de-seed a pomegranate! Nice. 
     *I should note that you should use more of a wrist snap rather than an arm beating like I was doing. When I got to the second half it was more efficient and easier. Just let your wrist get floppy and it should work out. And try not to hit your fingers! 

This is after doing both halves of the pomegranate.

Now we must separate the "pith" from the seeds. Fill the bowl up with water and the pith all floats! 

Skim off with your hand or a slotted spoon. For any tiny pieces you could use a fine mesh strainer to ladle it out. 

Done! Eat or use within a week. To store them I just put a paper towel in the bottom of a container and put them on top. 

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