Sunday, April 04, 2010

Hannah visits!

Alrighty so this is the short, pictorial version of our day. Im pooped and need to go to bed but I wanted to get this up!
Hannah came and visited, after we went to pick up the meat I had ordered we looked arounf and went to a toy store. We found a primal grill set for the kiddos!
Then we got all excited about the kites the toy store had (and the bacon band aids were prety cool) so we decided to make one. It allllmost worked, lol.

Then we went on a hike and saw lots of cool stuff.
Then we made food! GIANT garlic on the left, green mango with garam masala, chili powder and salt on the right.
Yummy thai salad with chicken and cilantro pesto.
The end.


  1. What fun you two! (Oh, and I am NOT a Muggle! ;-)

    ~ SassaFrass88

  2. Sassy! Thanks, lol. Youre def not a muggle.

  3. "Yummy thai salad with chicken and cilantro pesto"

    looks amazing. I especially like the whole slices of avocado. mmm